I’m Katie Kraft and I love what I do! I am an artist, a photographer and a proud wife and mother to three girls in Richmond, Virginia. I love working with families to capture those moments and memories that they will never want to forget.

I have always had a photographer’s heart. My Opa took pictures of his kids and grandchildren constantly. When we would spend time together, he would take out his projector and we would watch slideshow after slideshow. I had an interest in photography then, but my passion did not become apparent until I had my daughter Ella. When Ella was born, I started photographing every little moment…the silly look, the chubby grip, the favorite toy and those special giggles. After snapping way too many pictures (according to my husband), I knew that I had to share my gift of photography with others.

Fresh. Clean. Fun. Those are the first words that come to mind when I think about my photography. If you want pictures that show the sparkle in your children, the joy of your family and the little moments that you never want to forget, then I am your photographer.

I am here to help create the masterpieces that you will treasure forever. Please join me in this incredible experience!

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