Tarmac and Remi are such beautiful Huskies and Beth and Mark are the most wonderful pup parents! Because my own family doesn’t have dogs of our own (my youngest is actually allergic to dogs!), I had to read up a little on Huskies. Siberian Huskies can have eyes that are half brown and half blue (parti-eyed) or they can have one blue and one brown eye (bi-eyed). If you look closely at the pictures below, you can tell Remi has one blue and one brown eye…just gorgeous! Huskies also have a thick medium-length double coat that can tolerate temperatures -58 to -76 degrees Fahrenheit. It was freezing cold during our session, but these pups seemed so happy…the weather was perfect for them! Lastly, Huskies are known to be loving, gentle and playful family dogs…so perfect for this family. I know this family loves their pups and we got some gorgeous portraits that truly show their wonderful and caring relationship!