A couple months ago I was introduced to the sweetest boutique owner with the most amazing story. Cherie had worked for years as a makeup artist and one day was asked to help plan a party for her niece. The party was such a success, she was asked to help plan another party for her girlfriend’s daughter. After seeing the girls’ expressions and the excitement from these parties, Cherie knew she had to share this experience with other young girls…this was the very beginning of Spa-Tacular. Cherie had been doing hundreds of spa parties a year for five years and just this past April decided it was time to open an all inclusive spa party boutique. With this new boutique, Cherie needed new and beautiful images for her website, which is how we met. After talking with Cherie about the images she needed, we decided what better way to capture the spa experience than to have a party with my three girls and their friends. It truly was the ultimate girl experience and they are all still talking about the fun they had at the Spa-Tacular Boutique!!